Utility Providers

AMI Sentry

Smart Meters for Small Utility Providers




Automate. Streamline. Save.

Manual data collection is time-consuming and inaccurate. While smart solutions exist for big organizations, the infrastructure and fixed costs can be prohibitive for smaller entities.

AMI Sentry is the first AMI solution designed with the small utility service provider in mind. It works with your current meters and incorporates system upgrades on your timeline at an affordable price.

How it Works

By incorporating a two-way communication between the utility and consumer meter endpoints, AMI automatically retrieves meter readings 24/7.

How AMI Sentry Can Help

Improve service.

Smarter features can help you improve customer satisfaction through easier processes and more accurate meter readings.

Collect more accurate data.

Get enhanced billing, reconciliation, and inquiry features.

Simplify service transfers, activations, or terminations with current meter data.

Save time.

AMI Sentry eliminates manual work so that you can allocate your team and equipment to other tasks.

Shorten routes.

Reduce one-off meter reads.

Eliminate redundant work.

Reduce costs.

Our smart system decreases the infrastructure needed to keep things running smoothly. Plus, it alerts you of potential problems so you can prevent issues before they become costly.

Reduce vehicle and equipment for meter readings.

Get notified of backflow, leaks, failed meters, and more.

Allocate staff to other value-building projects.

Additional Services

Daily Readings

For efficiency, accuracy, and risk mitigation

Automated Messaging

Receive text and email notifications when anomalies are detected

Online Software

Seamless daily readings and notifications within a comprehensive billing platform

Harness the power of small data.

Let’s talk through solutions for your unique challenges.