Small, Smart City

Internet of Things for Towns & Rural Communities

Work smarter—not harder.

Most people think a “smart city” requires a huge IT team.

But all communities can realize enormous benefits from smart systems, like getting more done on a daily basis.

We provide a plug-and-play suite of devices, network setup, online dashboard, and dedicated support so you can take advantage of the power of small data.

How Smart City Can Help

Improve health and safety.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can make your community a better place to live and work. Smart devices improve health and safety by reducing some of your staff’s high-risk physical duties, detecting water line backflow earlier, and much more.

Monitor air quality.

Cut down drive time.

Conserve natural resources.

Increase efficiency.

Smart sensors and the dashboard allow you to know which tasks to address immediately and which ones can wait. No more driving across town to dump an empty trash bin.

Reduce energy costs.

Automate street lights.

Detect triggered rodent traps.

Save on expenses.

Smart devices can provide early detection of anomalies, reducing overall damage.

Discover water leaks earlier.

Get notified about open windows and doors.

Detect abnormal air quality.

Your City—At a Glance

Monitor and manage city operations from one easy dashboard. You can see all your to-do’s from your desktop or phone, so you can prioritize your day and get more of the right things done.

The Smart Small Town Suite

Indoor air quality

Liquid monitoring

Door/window sensor

Rodent control

Asset tracker


Street light monitoring

Trash sensor

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Harness the power of small data.

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