About Us

Making the Internet of Things Accessible

Small and medium cities, communities, and businesses deserve the same level of service as big government and large corporations.

That’s why we exist—to make exciting new technology available to everyone.

What is “small data?”

“Big data” often describes exciting applications at the extremes of computer science. Big data applications are terabytes in size.

While many organizations don’t have “big data,” they still have data that can be stored, captured, and analyzed to improve their operations. This is small data—a valuable resource.

Our Goal

To make the Internet of Things and other data technology:



We make it possible for you to offload your major tech challenges. That way, you can access the benefits of the technology without the frustration of setting it up. 



IoT is like the Wild West. When you buy devices yourself, there’s no guarantee things will work together. We do the legwork to get you better results.



We believe emerging technologies should be available for organizations of all sizes, so we deliver budget-friendly smart solutions.


Kim Foster

Kim Foster


Kim is responsible for overseeing our solutions and ensuring they solve client problems. He is excited to provide valuable new technology to municipalities and other small-to-medium organizations. In his free time, Kim is revitalized by being around family and playing golf.

Matt Bergmeyer

Matt Bergmeyer


Matt ensures daily operations coincide with the company’s vision and strategy. He is passionate about the role of SmallData Tech solutions in achieving client success. When not at work, he enjoys golf, tennis, and Husker Athletics.

Ben Bay

Ben Bay


Ben is responsible for ensuring that our technology aligns with business and customer needs. He enjoys designing software solutions to meet new challenges. When not in the office he enjoys reading and playing or designing indie games.

Harness the power of small data.

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